October Webinar

What CPAs, Attorneys, & Other Professionals Need to Know About Social Security Claiming Strategies

Brian MinierSocial Security can be a lot more complicated than most people realize. The decisions you make now can have a tremendous impact on the amount of benefits you will receive over your lifetime.

If you are a CPA, an attorney, or other business owner, your clients likely include many Baby Boomers, and they are likely starting to ask questions about Social Security. We have answers!

During October's monthly "Lunch & Learn" webinar, our own Social Security specialist, Brian Minier, will share some important information to help familiarize CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals with the rules and strategies for claiming Social Security benefits.

Special emphasis will be placed on coordinating the various types of benefits (such as retirement, spousal, and survivor), in order to maximize benefits over the client's lifetime.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • How Social Security benefits are calculated
  • Factors your clients should consider when deciding when to apply for benefits
  • Innovative spousal claiming strategies designed to provide extra income
  • How widows and widowers can coordinate survivor benefits with their own retirement benefit to maximize income
  • Ways to minimize taxes on Social Security benefits (legally!)
  • How to coordinate Social Security with other sources of retirement income

If you've been trying to "brush up" on your Social Security knowledge so that you can answer some of these important questions when they come up in client meetings, you won't want to miss this one!

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